Land Pooling Policy

With the Master plan 2021 , the Delhi is looking forward to offer the first chance for the people to deliver the home with the complete facilities and support. Most of the investor and other builder are followed the residential zone policy which is take care by the DDA in the upcoming years . Now it is followed for the ongoing 26 villages in the region of the south western of Delhi. Delhi is capital of the nation possesses that show off the total value of beside its status of eco social hub. On the 45 days of period of objection regarding the new project published by DDA on April 18 and then lapsed is announced on June 2 .

revanta cghs

Construction takes place over the low-density location :

This policy is situated the green belts on the low-density location which are finalized the DDA . In this analyzed around 26 village’s covers by the low density . In this project, they plan to start farmhouse, which is spread around 1 acre, which is permitted up to 30% FAR. Then the landing pool policy has well trigged on the hidden and yet it has aggress movement by the investors to develop the major areas in the Delhi. The most of villages stay on the Delhi periphery, which is on the green zone as Delhi lungs. Hence, the major construction is taken place in the area of low population ares when the price of residential project is at low price so it meet major estimate budget of the people. Here the pricing range between Rs. 25 to Rs 5 per acres, which is based on the zone.