Officers Boulevard

Officer Boulevard-Offers Various Facilities to the Officers

The officer’s Boulevard is the unique one for the epitome of spirituality. In the officer’s Boulevard, the officers not only live together and take lots of benefits in this option. The officers are experienced with the high-end residence with the affordable price compared to the other option in the world. This type of housing project is located in Delhi. The government officers and others live in the peaceful life with the help of the officer’s boulevard. This is more demanded one in Delhi in current scenario and lots of looks forward to book the flat in this project. There are many reasons why the people select it. Buy a home in Delhi locality is becoming more demanded one and it is the dream for every officer in the officer’s boulevard. This is developed under the land pooling policy and the government of Delhi has announced to develop this project in the global city. This is developed with the three smart cities to the national capital region and builds with the world-class amenities. The Dwarka is one of the smart cities in this project and the ministry of urban development gets the approval of the master plan of 2021 and land pooling policy of Delhi development authority. The officers get more benefit with this project and put a view to any form of project in the smart city.

Main of the project:

The main is to provide the affordable residence units with the world-class technology and get the secure and safe living in an eco-friendly environment. It is the best option for the officers to live the peaceful life in Delhi. We are willing to provide the good facilities to the government officer and feel relax on the weekends in a perfect manner without any hassle. It is not only the house and it is a heaven for everyone living in the apartment. So all the member makes the good relationship with others and close ambiance among the other members. It is the best approach for every officer to make the life peaceful without any disturbance. It is the right choice for them that comes with the reasonable prices and can reach many destinations in the place.

The popularity of the smart city:

This is the major hub for every people and offers many things to them in a simple approach. In near future, this is well recommended one in the smart city. The L zone west is closest to the southwest Delhi and shares the frontier with Gurgaon and IGI international airport. It is considered as the standard living of the metro city life in the upcoming days and can access the technical oriented project diplomatic enclave. The city is surrounded by the national highway, Rohtak road and railway line in north and Dwarka sub-city. It is well-connected one with another city in Delhi and it is highly recommended as a residential zone in the upcoming years. It is the best time for the people to invest the property in L zone. The NCT Delhi boundary holds the green belt for all revenue villages in the master plan Delhi 2021. The development authority will notice how many lands are used for this plan and constructed under the master plan 1962 and 2001. The houses are permitted in the green belt as per the rules are given in the master plan 2021. The government of Delhi has declared the announcement of L zone uses only nine hundred acres for the water reservoir and it is the most wanted housing option in Delhi.

A major part of the L zone:

This is well-connected to the south Delhi and Gurgaon and the people can easily access any things at any time without any disturbance.

There is twenty-four transportation facility is available in the city.

The buyers can access the big industry, core companies, and educational hub in Gurgaon and another place.

The major attraction of the project is the metro connectivity and new diplomatic enclave.

Many farm houses are present in the project and other recreational facilities.

AIIMS medical institution is very near to the project and all roads are widely connected with the fewer meters.

The Revanta Multi State CGHS Group builds the proposed cricket stadium and exhibition conventional centers in the new project.

Some of the important facilities are given below:

It is the important facility for everyone life in the apartment that meet the requirement of the people. This project is equipped with five hospitals and provides the reliable services for everyone.


The L Zone covers many international schools and colleges that meet the need of the people. It is the major education hub in the near future and covers lots of the policies and economics under the master plan. This maintains the twenty-two thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine hectares for creative the educational facility that is so useful for the people.


The people can use the golf course in the L zone and different types of sports things are available in L zone. There are seventy-nine hectares are already exists for the sports training institute. The new facility is surrounded by the national highway, Rohtak road and railway line in the north and Dwarka city. the golf course, district sports center and sports community are well-connected to the L zone in the upcoming years.


This is well-equipped with the good communication facility and two plots of telephone exchange are provided by the group. The subscriber units are present within the three-kilometer radius and provide the appropriate communication facility to all the people.