Revanta Smart Residency

Important Guide To Choose Your Luxury Home In Revanta Group

Revanta group is top leading residency provider in Delhi. Now, they completed l zone projects with high facilities. This smart residency is equipped with digital technologies to increase the performance of the apartments. It is set to be smart city and offers residents at lower cost and enhances activities of residents. Facilities offered in this smart city such as 24×7 hours water supply, electricity, internet connectivity, high frequency for transport and other facilities. This l zone projects gives more attractive buy in Delhi. It is located in Dwarka and solves many issues which faced by middle-class families. Additionally, it is created with affordable housing equipment and gives natural energy to everyone. When living in this smart city you can travel any place with limited time and book transport online. This group is built this project with high-quality materials and keeps more security tools to safe clients.

Features of Smart residency:

Living room of this smart city is armed with beautiful doors and windows. Doors in the room give an elegant and unique look. Each living rooms gives ideal look and doors are designed with Ivory Coast Teak. When it comes to flooring fixed with the mix of Spanish marble and Italian marble. This kind of marble gives an attractive look to your living room. Anyone can live in this flooring with more natural feels. Windows on the room give natural air and positive feel to live. Room painted with pop punning it gives stunning look.


It is an essential place when buying new residents in Delhi. Kitchen is designed in Italian model. This is fully equipped with high-end cooking accessories such as dishwater, microwave oven, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, RO system and more. Kitchen is created with wooden material for fittings and designed with wonderful designs. Chimney is connected with an exhaust fan to reduce the heat of the room. Floors and walls are designed with high granite material that looks room to clean and bright. Features with a counter on Italian marble and sink is fitted with stainless steel. Pipe of gas supply is fitted in a proper way and use hot and cold water. Equipment in a kitchen is kept with high quality and makes the kitchen as an elegant look.


The bedroom is fitted with a high quality of Indian fitting materials and pop punning paint that provides a different feel to the room. Flooring of this room will be imported with wood and Italian marble. You can keep photos or pictures of animals, wardrobes, cupboards, etc. You breathe more on this room and windows help to reduce wet on summer time. It will absorb heat and produce cooling to you. In the winter season, it provides limited cooling to the room.


It is designed with glass fitting or cubical bathtubs that designed with beautiful designs. Besides, it features with mirror, towel rack, exhaust fan and other accessories in the room. Heavy quality of materials is attached on bathroom and paint on this room provides contrast to you. You ever find this kind of bathroom in any other apartments. Also, it is fitted with high-class wall hung and wash basin that matches with room color. Single level CP fittings provide more look to buyers.


Balcony is designed with natural plants and Italian marble flooring. This flooring makes you spend more time with natural hair and comfortable to access any work. Outside walls of a building are designed with stone material and texture paint. With the stone material, the apartment looks more contrasting and you take images with your friends and families in a balcony. If you are planning to buy a new home in Delhi, choose residents in this group. It is the right time to buy apartments and live your life with full of happiness.